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Save the Fruits & Veggies!

Put an end to the Rot!

VegFruits-624x293 Personally, I can’t continuously go grocery shopping for fruits and veggies without getting frustrated at the transit system, and my studies. But buying in bulk was never a good option, because as a single person, my stuff would rot/mold before I got the chance to get my money’s worth!

“Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.”

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Welcome SPHSA ! 

With every new year, comes new beginnings; so here is to a new beginning for SPHSA!

This website is to serve the entire student body here at SPH-UofS. So use what this website has to offer, and don’t be shy to ask for more! Take advantage of the information your fellow SPH family has to share, and be courageous enough to share your own level of expertise.

The SPHSA is about being each other’s family away from home, and it’s about time we all got together and created that environment. So take a browse, find your niche, and as always: let’s start talking!

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