And now a word from our Alumni…



Jennifer Kong

MPH Alumni


“I am working at the Global Gathering Place, which is a non-profit drop-in centre that provides services for immigrants and refugees in Canada. My role as a program coordinator help newcomers adapt to life in Canada by offering support and skills development. 

I am a volunteer at the Saskatoon Health Region’s Acquired Brain Injury outreach service and my supervisor and I spoke about employment opportunities after graduation in Saskatoon. She came across the job posting at the Global Gathering Place and encouraged me to apply.

Program planning and evaluation, health promotion and cultural competency are the main areas that I am utilizing in my current position. By having these knowledge from MPH, I forward them into developing community partnerships in Saskatoon and new programs for my organization. Moreover, my clients are of vulnerable population and I work with many social determinants of health such as housing, poverty, job security and health services.

Advice for MPH students?

Network as much as you can while in school, practicum etc. If it wasn’t for my supervisor at Saskatoon Health Region, I wouldn’t have come across this opportunity.”

Jennifer is available for any students that wish to touch base and learn more about his experience, as well how discuss your own personal questions!




Carl Swanson

MPH Class of 2014

“Currently, I’m not working. I’m in the last stages of a job competition now as a health data analytics professional. Before that I was a manager of CDC operations for 3 health authorities in Nova Scotia. I was able to get the job shortly after finishing my MPH. The CDC position got me into public health leadership right out of school which was fantastic. I got to pursue my interests in epi and health policy – focusing on communicable disease control. This included outbreak planning & action, vaccine programming, provincial policy, etc.

I got the CDC opportunity through applying online. I was able to finish my MPH a semester early so when I finished my winter term in my 2nd year, I was able to focus heavily on job applications.”

Advice for MPH students?

“This is the interesting question. Patience and persistence is the first big one. Unfortunately, this is a bad time for grads to be entering the marketplace. Governments at all levels are tightening their belts and public health often does not get the funding it deserves.
Also, many jobs ask for at least 5 years of experience. It just seems like the magic number that employers want. If you don’t have the years requested, apply anyway. If the position asks for a nurse or whatever other education background, apply anyway (my CDC position was for a nurse – they changed the description after they hired me).

Getting jobs from online applications is a game of numbers. Opportunities that appear to be a perfect match for you will often get no response. This is because many/most employers have policies to give preferences for internal applicants. Aside from that, internal hiring and nepotism is pretty rampant. This leads me to the 2nd part of my advice in job hunting – networking. Network as much as possible through volunteering, emails, mutual acquaintances, whatever.

Even when you get an interview, don’t stop sending out the applications where you can. Apply far and wide – metropolitan areas are nice, but have more competition. Gaining experience in a rural area or somewhere not ideal for you may be a bit of a pain but you are increasing your odds. Don’t be afraid to move for a position until you get your 5 years – getting those years under your belt is critical.”

Carl is available for any students that wish to touch base and learn more about his experience, as well how discuss your own personal questions!